Clearview Brass Bore Scope

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The affordable Borescope, by Clearview Engineering. It fits .45 caliber and larger barrels, with a magnification of 2.5X.  It has a clear field of view of 0.5" to 12.5", from the end of the tube.  The securely mounted lenses in the brass tube will withstand rough handling and vibration, while providing the user with a clear, extremely sharp view of the interior surface of the barrel and chamber.

 With this Borescope, the shooter can examine his barrel to check for fouling and other problems that sabotage accuracy.  It will slide into any rifle, pistol or shotgun barrel having a bore diameter larger than .450".  Engineers, mechanics, and other professions that have need to examine the inside of tubes and holes can use this Borescope for a clear, magnified view.

This Borescope is a valuable tool to have when examining a gun you wish to purchase.  It can reveal worn rifling, nicks, rust, and corrosion.  Chamber inspection of most modern rifles 6mm and larger is easy, for the Borescope will enter the neck region, allowing full inspection of the chamber and 12.5 inches of the rifling at the breech end of the barrel.


Clearview Borescope
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